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Strawberry Heat Pump Dryer Features


Strawberry heat pump dryer is a device that uses the air heat in the outside to dry strawberries. This strawberry dryer equipment uses the One of our evaporators absorbs heat to release heat to the condenser to dry the strawberries. There is also a fresh air system inside the roasting room, which takes the moisture from one of our dryings out of the roasting room. , and this cycle is the principle of one of our heat pump dryer equipment drying.

The reason why we use heat pump dryer equipment to dry our strawberries is because one of our strawberries will produce one of our pollutants when drying in the traditional dryer equipment, and the carbon dioxide produced It will pollute the air, so gradually we use one of our heat pump dryer equipment to dry our strawberries.

Strawberry heat pump dryer features

1. Energy saving and not subject to weather restrictions: the operating cost of the air source heat pump dryer is only 40% of that of the fuel-fired dryer, 60% of the coal-fired dryer and 30% of the electric heating equipment, which greatly saves the cost of drying. Businesses create direct profits.

2. Environmental protection: The drying and dehumidification heat pump unit has a relatively stable system, zero pollution discharge, no pollution to the drying material itself, and no pollution to the environment.

3. Good drying effect: During the drying process, the material does not deform, crack, discolor, deteriorate, oxidize, rehydrate well after drying, reduce the loss of nutrients, and has a long storage period, which is more effective than any traditional drying equipment. Color, aroma, taste, individual form and active ingredients of dry matter. The finished product grade after drying is higher.

4. The closed drying and dehumidification method does not need to discharge hot air to the outside, and the utilization rate of heat energy is higher.

5. The unit is small and does not take up space, and is easy to install and operate.

6. The PLC touch screen version of the center, the controller, can be programmed by time period, which can dry, dehumidify, dehumidify, adjust and dry to meet the different drying requirements of various industries. The stored drying process makes it easier to dry the materials inside.

7. Intelligent operation: no need for special personnel to be on duty, no need to manually flip, feeding - closing the door - starting - discharging, the process is simple, and the input of manpower and material resources is reduced.

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