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String Bean Drying Process


String beans are rich in protein, carotene, high nutritional value, and good taste. Drying string beans can not only retain the nutrients of beans, but also extend the shelf life of string beans. The specific drying process of string beans is as follows:

String bean processing process steps

1 cleaning

Wash the green beans to remove the head and tail blemishes.

2 boiled

Put the washed beans into the boiling water pot, keep rolling during the process, boil in water for about 1 minute, remove and cool.

3 cooling

After boiling, remove the string beans and put them in cold water to cool, then remove and drain.

String Bean Drying Process

After the water on the surface of the string beans is dry, put them on a baking tray according to the size specification, and push them into the drying room for drying. The drying temperature is 70°C, and bake for 12 hours until the water content of the string beans reaches about 15%.

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