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White Chrysanthemum Heat Pump Dryer Drying Process


White chrysanthemum dryer  is a device used to dry our chrysanthemums, especially for drying white chrysanthemums, we know that after drying white chrysanthemums, they can be used as our herbal tea, drying white chrysanthemums It is also in order to store it for a longer period of time. The white chrysanthemum heat pump dryer equipment uses the air heat in our outside world to transfer it to the compressor, and then the compressor compresses the air into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then transfers our gas to the condensation. The heat is released on the device to dry our chrysanthemums. This cycle is the principle of drying our white chrysanthemum heat pump dryer equipment.

Household chrysanthemum heat pump dryer equipment, it does not need to install a drying oven when drying, because it comes with our own drying oven, when drying chrysanthemums, our chrysanthemums are directly It can be dried by placing it on the outside tray, it saves the step of setting up the oven.

When drying white chrysanthemum, it needs to be dried in stages, including our preheat drying stage, heating drying stage, high temperature drying stage and so on.

Preheating and drying stage of white chrysanthemum: The drying temperature of this stage is about 30~40℃ outside, mainly to make chrysanthemum better suitable for the drying temperature of heat pump dryer equipment, and the drying time of this stage is 19 hours or so outside.

Heating and drying stage: The drying temperature in this stage is set at about 50°C, the drying time in this period is about 8 hours outside, and the humidity is kept at about 50~60.

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