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Why Is The Material Not Dried Evenly


The materials dried by the heat pump dryer often appear to be dried unevenly, so why are the materials dried unevenly? There are many factors for heat pump drying materials to be dried unevenly. The following points are analyzed after analysis:

1. The temperature in the drying room is uneven, some places have high temperature, and some places have low temperature

(Solution: equipped with high temperature and high humidity fan)

2. The design of the circulating air duct is unreasonable, which makes the hot air in the room uneven

(Solution: Increase the tuyere to disperse the wind)

3. The placement of materials is unscientific, and the material shelves must be placed according to the equipment layout in the drying room

(Solution: communicate with Bilang technical staff specifically)

4. The volume of the material is different, the small one dries quickly, and the large one dries slowly

(Solution: Equipped with movable shelves, sorting materials, grading and drying by size)

If your heat pump dryer also has uneven drying, you can find ways to solve the problem from the above points. If you want to know more about the professional knowledge of heat pump dryer, please feel free to leave a message with us online! !

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