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Onion Powder Making Business


Starting an onion powder making business requires a complete onion powder production line. The onion powder is produced by a mechanized assembly line, and the low-temperature drying method can maintain the original flavor of the onion powder. This will increase the profitability of the onion powder making business.


The manufacture of onion powder starts from the processing of fresh onions, and the powder is processed by cleaning, cutting, drying, crushing, sieving and other processes. There are three colors of yellow, white and red, and the standard is 60 mesh.  We can also configure corresponding sieves for you according to your requirements on the mesh size, so as to meet your requirements on the mesh size of onion powder.


It is generally used in the home and catering industry to replace many dishes that require the use of fresh onions to improve the taste of the dishes and avoid irritation to the eyes and nose during the processing of onions. Onion powder is a kind of condiment and also a health food. It is used in nutritional and health care products, functional food, infant food, middle-aged and elderly food, seasonings, solid beverages, cakes, cold food, instant food and pharmaceutical raw materials, etc., and has a broad market prospect.

For the processed onion powder for better storage and transportation, we also provide various forms of onion powder packaging equipment. Prevent onion powder from being damp, moldy, and deteriorated due to improper storage, prolong the shelf life of onion powder, and escort the stable income of your onion powder processing business! !

If you have any questions about onion powder processing, or want to start an onion powder making business, please feel free to leave a message online with us. We can provide you with detailed factory design drawings and free quotations! !

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